~Von Stott Haus German Shepherds~ formerly "Shadow Land Shepherds ~ Von Jaudes Haus"

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 UPDATE: 8/6/2017 We have received a deposit on Hanna for pickup end of Sept or first part of Oct 2017, but we WILL NOT use any of that deposit until Hanna is in her NEW FOREVER HOME, so we still would appreciate any donations anyone can help with. We hate to be on this end, but this is what life has dealt us now and we pray that things will turn around soon. Thank you in advance for any help out there.

Please use this to donate to help us in our time of need with Hanna, Spirit & Bogart and health issues we are working to heal them due to the exposure to the Digital Electric meter on our home.  Thank you in advance for your consideration in a donation. No amount too small. You can read about Hanna on our Teaser page on what we have already spent out on her care. Our Bogart has had a Prostate issue and our Spirit is her thyroid for which we had to give deposits back this spring due to not able to get the litter we planned. July 11, 2017, Consumers Energy finally called this morning and as always same lies. Theur meters have no EMF and just like the ANALOG. We are at their mercy and it is killing us. WE NEED HELP with going off Grid with our own generator and solar and do not have the means to do this, especially with being so ill since July 2015 when this all started after they took our analog meter and put the digital meter on. PLEASE HELP for the sake of our dogs too!





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Click on picture above for pricing and puppy pictures

There will be no litter of pups this Spring 2017.

We have already given back deposits to those

that had been waiting. Until we can get the digital

meter removed from our home we will not chance

a litter of pups with the mysterious illnesses we 

and our dogs have experinced since July 2015.

Please check out your own rights about

meter of choice in keeping the Analog

that is not causing problems.

Call or message if you need more information on this.


or 517-688-4636


I have to say it has been a great time of learning with each litter,

not just book knowledge,

but real experience of these wonderful dogs.

Thank you to all that they have touched along the way,

you have made it all worth the time and money spent. 



We are also 

ISO a black sable

Stock coat Female


long coat gene.


consider breeding for

2 pick pups to a female

with these specifications plus!


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